Tenure of All Parliaments

Unless sooner dissolved by the President, Parliament stands dissolved on the expiration of a period of five years from the date of its first meeting. In the extra-ordinary situation of the country being engaged in a war, this period of five years may be extended by an Act of Parliament by not more than one year at a time. The period cannot, however, be extended beyond six months after the termination of the war. The actual term of Tenth Parliaments are shown in the table below: 


Date of First Sitting

Date of Dissolution

Actual Term

11th Parliament

         January 30, 2019


10th Parliament

January 29,2014 

       January 28,2019             5 years

9th Parliament

January 25,2009 

January 24,2014 

5 years 

8th Parliament

October 28,2001

October 27,2006

5 years

7th Parliament

July 14, 1996

July 13, 2001

5 years

6th Parliament

March 19,1996

March 30,1996

12 days

5th Parliament

April 05,1991 

November 24,1995

4 years 8 months

4th Parliament

April 15,1988

December 6,1990

2 years 7 months

3rd Parliament

July 10,1986 

December 6,1987

1 year 5 months

2nd Parliament

April 2,1979

March 24,1982

2 years 11 months

1st Parliament

April 7,1973

Nov.6, 1975

2 years 6 months