Amenities, Privileges and Immunities

Parliament, its Committees and its Members enjoy some privileges and immunities. The validity of proceedings in Parliament cannot be questioned in any court. A Member of Parliament is not liable to proceedings in any court in respect of any thing said, or any vote given, by him or her in Parliament or in any of its committees. A member or officer of Parliament in whom powers are vested for the regulation of procedure, the conduct of business or maintenance of order in parliament is not subject to the jurisdiction of any court for the exercise of any of his powers. Parliament can also determine other privileges for itself, its committees and members by an Act. No such Act has however been passed yet. However, a Member of Parliament cannot be arrested for any offence other than a criminal offence during a prescribed period before and after a session of Parliament and a meeting of committee of which he is a member. No arrest can be made nor any civil or criminal process can be served within the precincts of the House without obtaining the permission of the Speaker.